Khula Community Crèche Project

The #Wild5CharityChallenge is an initiative co-founded by husband and wife team Paul and Josanne Jeffreys, owners at Wild 5 Adventures, together with Innovative Marketing aiming to raise much needed funds for local South Coast NPO organisation, the Khula Community Crèche Project. Participants who take part in the challenge, will also get to spend the night at the World renowned Oribi Gorge Hotel!

The project provides the following services to the Mahlabatini Community

  • A day Crèche which can cater for 120 children between two and four years of age;
  • Operating kitchen providing daily meals for the crèche children and pupils from Enxolobeni Primary School;
  • Reading and learning facilities;
  • Outside play area which boasts a soccer ground;
  • Craft centre for the local community ladies;
  • Health clinic on a weekly basis;
  • Vegetable gardens.

For more information and to get involved with the Khula Community Crèche please contact:

Greg Velleman: 083 442 6060 |
Ally Minnar: 074 752 8990 |

First in line on Thursday 21 April was local journalist Shona Aylward from the South Coast Herald. She was joined by boyfriend Mark Lawlor, Owner at Superbodies Port Shepstone, and together they faced the #WildSlide where they experienced solitary bliss! Sliding along the cable that spans across Oribi Gorge, 165m above the treetops the couple faced their fears all in an effort to raise much needed funds for charity!

“Mark and I loved every minute of the #Wild5CharityChallenge. It was an exciting challenge as we both have a fear for heights, but we chose to face them head on for charity.  The Wild Slide was a great experience as it gave us the opportunity to take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the gorge while hanging some 165 metres from the ground. The team at Wild 5 Adventures couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating. Thank you for having chosen us as your first couple to take part in this wild adventure. It was also a fantastic mid-week escape” said Shona.

It was clear that both Shona and Mark had an all-round spectacular time. We believe if this is a taste of what is to come from the charity jump challenge, we are in store for an incredible time!

Shona has invited Sugan Naidoo, fellow journalist, for all of the amazing work that he does within our South Coast community to take part and do his bit for charity. “He truly has a very kind heart” Shona explained.

There it is Sugan, do you accept?

Not too long after this Vusi Mthalane, Editor from the South Coast Fever with his girlfriend Pinky Nsele took the #Wild5CharityChallenge by the horns by doing the #WildSwing on Sunday 1 May 2016. Situated at the top of Lehr’s Waterfall in Oribi Gorge, this is the highest swing of its kind in the world. “Had a blast today at Oribi, it was even more fun that I thought I was going to have!” Vusi told Wild 5 Adventures.

Having completed the challenge he has nominated colleague Michelle Cilliers and Precious Gumede to earn their bragging rights for charity!

Over the past two weeks Michelle Cilliers and Precious Gumede both hailing from the South Coast Fever, completed the Wild 5 Charity Challenge. Both ladies thoroughly enjoyed their experiences by braving the #WildSwing, their newspaper branch has invited Siphelele Nkete from Media24’s East Griqualand Fever to take a leap of courage for charity.

Without any hesitation Siphele Nkete gathered all of his courage to complete the Wild 5 Charity Challenge on Sunday 29 May 2016. Deciding to go big and do the #WildSwing, Siphe shrieked as he jumped off of the Lehr’s Waterfall in Oribi Gorge. Well done, you have officially earned your bragging rights! Siphe has challenged Ayanda Njemla from the Uvolwethu Express Newspaper, who is undecided as we write this. We are hoping for some good news during the course of the week!

In the meantime, we are super excited to have East Coast Radio’s Zaba Simbine AKA Kween Zaba, from the afternoon show, grace us with her company this weekend! She is so enthusiastic to tackle her fears and take charge for charity!

We were honoured to welcome the Mix 93.8FM team to take part in the renowned and much feared Wild Gorge Swing activity as part of #Wild5CharityChallenge on Saturday 16 July! The swing is a death defying leap off of the cliff edge of Lehr Fall at Oribi Gorge, which drops a terrifying 165 meters and reaches speeds of 120km/h in a mind blowing 2.5 seconds!

After broadcasting live from the 2016 Lion Show at the Port Shepstone Country Club, the Mix 93.8FM team took to the roads to do their bit for local South Coast charity. Arriving with full strength, lots of enthusiasm and excitement, each of the members took their leap of faith… One by one…

Innocent Makoni (Technical & Charity Organiser) set the team up for the challenge. Having done so, it was only fair that he went first! Being a true adventure seeker and adrenaline junkie at heart he did not show the slightest sign of fear or hesitation. This helped put his fellow colleagues at ease.

Once he was strapped in and had his safety harness on, he was ready to go and boy did he go! As the countdown to jump reached 1 he fearlessly launched himself off of the edge, hands first and smiling all the way! This heroic jump set the bar for his coworkers that were to follow.

Watching how easy this was for Innocent, Fefe Madileng (Technical & Charity Organiser) stepped up to the plate! Knowing that Innocent set the bar pretty high with his fearless and impressive jump, Fefe embraced it and leaped off of the edge like a soaring eagle. What an awesome jump it was!

Unlike Innocent and Fefe, Michael Catterson (Presenter 7-10am show) was extremely nervous expressing that he has a longstanding fear of heights. But he was not going to let this get in his way of doing his part for charity. Surprisingly once harnessed up, his nerves seemed to settle and a sense of coolness came over him. He truly summoned his courage to do the ultimate leap of faith and did what he thought he would never do… EVER! JUMP OFF OF A CLIFF!

Once Michael completed his jump, it was time for the last Charity Jump of the day.

I am sure you have heard the saying ‘his bark is bigger than his bite’? Well that could not have been truer than in the case of Kudzayi Tiribabi AKA Kwaang (Programme Manager). He was 100% committed and showed no signs of any fear on the way to Wild 5 Adventures. But the moment we arrived and he saw the jumps taking place, he quickly changed his mind. Thankfully the Mix 93.8FM team were on hand to encourage him and add a little peer pressure! On the first count down, Kwaang froze. We were not going to let him out that easily so a second countdown started and with a small encouraging nudge he went screaming down the Gorge, and he DID IT!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Mix 93.8FM team for their participation. You have all earned your bragging rights and our thanks and respect. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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