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The challenge is an initiative aiming to raise much needed funds for local NPO organisations.


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Highlighting our amazing sponsors, special events, campaigns and competitions.


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Posts, pictures and videos of some of the craziest, strangest, terrifying and most AWESOME adrenaline packed activities from around the world!


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Articles and videos relating to the Wild 5 Adventures including: Swing, Rafting, Suspension Bridge and Abseiling. All things adrenalin inducing! Fun and quirky facts and celebrity adrenalin junkies.


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A look at all of the amazing Wild 5 Adventures family activities such as: Hiking, Photography, Views, Picnics as well as holiday advice, fun and games for the whole family. Fun and quirky facts.


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A look at the Oribi Gorge and its amazing history. The Oribi Gorge Hotel and other Gorges around the world and how they are formed. Here you will find amazing photography and videos.


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A look at the breathtaking flora and fauna at Oribi Gorge. As well as the amazing indigenous wild life of the Gorge. Information on our CSI projects including welfare organisations and relating events.


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All of the things Wild 5 Adventures offers for team building including: Activities, Benefits, Testimonials, Photos, and Videos. Quirky team building did you knows.