that will stay with you for a lifetime?


For the extreme adventure seekers

The Wild Swing (165m)
- R795pp

Experience the pinnacle of thrill as you plummet 55 stories into the embrace of Oribi Gorge. No bookings are required, just bring your courage & desire for thrills.

The Wild Slide
- R400pp

Glide to the middle of the gorge on a 120m cable, 165m above the ground, and experience the freedom of flight. Strapped in a full-body harness, soar over breathtaking vistas and feel the elation of being suspended between earth and sky.

The Wild Abseil (110m)
- R700pp

Control your pace, embrace the thrill, and discover sightseeing from a new dimension as you descend 110m into the heart of Oribi Gorge.

Wild Quad Aventures
- R450pp

Navigate through nature's unspoiled beauty. Our experienced guides ensure an unforgettable adventure, operating all year round. Closed shoes are required.

Wild Suspension Bridge
- Included

Perfect for those who want to test their fear of heights without actually jumping off anything. Traverse our 60m-high suspension bridge for a walk among the clouds & experience the sensations and beauty with every step.

Go Ballistix Paintball
- R200pp

Whether it's Capture the Flag or Hostage Rescue, prepare for the ‘fight’ of your life amidst trees, an old aeroplane fuselage, and a caravan. Suit up for a game designed just for your group's adrenaline needs. Just remember, what happens on the paintball field, stays on Instagram.


For the adventurous souls


For the nature enthusiasts & team spirits

Wild Hiking
- Included

Because sometimes the best adventures are the ones where you just walk and talk. Or walk and silently judge each other’s fitness levels. We don’t mind.

Birding & Butterfly Watching
- Included

Ditch the adrenaline and immerse yourself in a serene experience for nature lovers and shutterbugs. Explore the Oribi Gorge's rich birdlife & capture breathtaking scenery with endless photographic opportunities.

Team Building
- Custom Pricing

Nothing says "team bonding" like collectively going through an adventure. It’s like those trust exercises but actually fun or better yet, the outdoor version of an office meeting without the PowerPoint.

Wild Outdoor Picnics & Braai’s
- Included

Nothing beats a good braai. It’s the South African way to celebrate life, love, and lekker times. Do we need to say more?

World-famous Viewing Sites
- Included

Picture this: you, perched on the edge of the world, with views so stunning, you’ll forget to scroll through your phone. It’s the perfect spot to ponder life’s mysteries, like why your socks always disappear in the wash.

Lock Lane
- Prices of Locks Vary

Leave a little piece of your adventure in the wild. It’s less permanent than a tattoo and more heartfelt than a Facebook update.

Wild 5 Curio Shop

Take a piece of your adventure home without stuffing a rock into your backpack… Swing by our curio shop for souvenirs that scream “I conquered the Wild Swing and all I got was this fantastic t-shirt.” Plus, a collection of other goodies that'll have you reliving the thrill without the risk


For connection, relaxation, & family fun