Why do we scream?

Have you ever wondered why do we scream? No one is exactly sure but what we are sure of, is that is it a lot of fun. To hear how loud you can scream, try the highest gorge swing in the WORLD at Wild 5 Adventures #Wild5Adventures

What we do know about screaming so far…?

It’s a natural reaction; an internal defense mechanism – an automatic psychological process that helps protect you.  Think of it, we scream right out of our mothers at birth and keep right on screaming through life.  Right? A scream can actually generate around 100-125 decibels of sound pressure (loudness).  And, according to current studies, Woman’s  screams louder than a man’s, and are closer to the frequencies where our ears are most sensitive, say 3000Hz

The exact sience behind why we scream is still unknown. But a field that is being researched at the moment but until we have a more indepth explination  go scream at the top of your lungs — because while it may be evolutionary it’s also really, really fun.

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