The sensation of doing the Wild Swing

04-19 The sensation of doing the Wild Swing

This amazing review makes us want to get out of our seats and go and do the jump right now!

The sensation of doing the Wild Swing is an experience of a lifetime and I highly recommended everyone give it a try”.

We would like to say a big thank you to Judd Sherrin for writing this review and congratulate him at the same time on earning his bragging rights.

‘In February this year, my wife and I took a drive out to Wild 5 Adventures which is situated in the picturesque Oribi Gorge on the South Coast of KZN.

One thing I decided I had to do was the Wild Swing jump. It’s something I had always wanted to do, and it seemed like the perfect place to do it. After all, it is the highest gorge swing in the world.

I did some research on the experience and sensations other people felt, but the information I found was not as in-depth as what I was looking for. So I decided to write something about my personal experience which hopefully, will fill in any gaps.

I will try to answer the question, what does the Wild 5 Adventures Gorge Swing feel like for a first-time jumper?

A lot of my experience was shaped by the extremely professional operating system that Wild 5 Adventures runs. The procedure is designed to make you feel comfortable from start to finish, regardless of the activity you choose.

Arriving at Wild 5 Adventures
My first reaction was “I can’t believe I am going to be doing this.” The fear part of my brain was telling me that there is no way I am going to be able to jump off the edge of the Gorge! Later, after going through the quick check-in process and making payment, I had this overwhelming sensation that I was actually doing this!

The photos you see do nothing to prepare you for how high up the actual jump is. When you’re standing on the overlooking area, you look down into what seems to be a bottomless Gorge.

Preparing for the jump
After being called by the friendly staff, I was asked to sit down while they harnessed me up. I received a one-on-one safety briefing from the experienced jump master and made my way down, what I call, “the stairs of no return”. The entire time I was guided every step of the way by the jump master who was answering all of the questions I had for him.

Out on the edge
Being led to the safety area, a safety rope was attached to my harness. I was then walked to the edge of the terrifying Gorge which felt like the quickest and slowest walk of my life! The jump master was extremely calm and reassured me the entire time. At this point, I can only describe my feelings as controlled terror, I was terrified, but functional. Once I was hooked up to the swing rope, I was still attached to the safety rope, but my fear level intensified dramatically.

The mind game
As I was walking towards the jump spot, I noticed probably about 30 people watching from the side. My jump master had also pointed out the audience I had. At this time I had just realized that I had committed to doing this! There was no way that I was going to back out in public. Once attached to an additional rope, I was guided to the jump point. At this final stage, everything was going a million miles a second, and a thousand thoughts were rushing through my mind. I was shown and directed which way to jump and then the most terrifying sound I have ever heard began… It was the words ‘On my count! Five, four, three, two, one!’

Stepping off
This was totally surreal! I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it until I actually had. At first, it felt like time stopped, as I was dropping at a mind-blowing speed of 120km/h in just 2 seconds! Then it was just falling through the air. The thing that surprised me was that there is no jerk at all. The whole motion is very smooth, as the rope takes up the tension. I could carry on forever about the experience I felt once I stepped off the edge, but I would not be able to give the experience the justice it deserves. This is something you need to experience for yourself.

Back to Earth
Being hoisted back up through the Lehr’s Waterfall was an unbelievable experience in itself. As soon as I was back on the ground, I quickly made my way up the “Stairs of no return” to see my wife and ask how my jump looked. She was super impressed, which made the whole experience even that much more worth it! Once my heart rate returned to normal, we were able to watch my jump in the curio shop. I was presented with a certificate and a video CD of my jump.

Doing the Wild Swing at Wild 5 Adventures was a great experience and I am very glad that I have done it. It truly was an out-of-this-world experience, but at the same time, it’s one of the few in modern life where you have the chance to do something that feels incredibly dangerous but is completely safe.

The stunning location was a huge bonus! If you have the chance, I would recommend doing the Wild Swing at least once. Since then I have done the jump 2 more times and I just tell you each time it was as terrifying and satisfying as the first.’

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Source: Judd Sherrin

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