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Wild 5 Adventures is sad to see the end of Summer Hill House’s beneficiary period come to an end. In the same breath it is with great joy that we were able to work with such an amazing organization. Wild 5 Adventures main goal with the #Wild5CelebChallenge was been to bring as much exposure to Summer Hill House as possible.

With the support of our local press we have been able to achieve this goal!

Through the participation of the celebrities who generously took part, we were able to raise an impressive R1,000! This was handed over to Summer Hill House on Monday 14 December. These funds will go a long way in helping to make a difference in the children’s lives.

We would again like to thank all of the local press and the participating celebrities, without you support this campaign would not have been possible.

The new beneficiary will be announced in the New Year, along with the name of the next nominee.


Roxy Blows – MixFM Radio Presenter (24 April 2015).

Jason Goliath – Comedian/ Dancing with the Stars/ Castle Light Celeb/ and more (1 June 2015)
Jason Goliath – GoPRO
Jason Goliath – #WildSwing

Jason Goliath – And the nominees are…

Warren Robertson – Comedian (20 June 2015)
Photo album
Warren Robertson – GoPRO
Warren Robertson – #WildSwing
Warren Robertson – And the nominees are…

Jem Atkins – Comedian (15 July 2015).
Photo album
Jem Atkins – GoPRO
Jem Atkins – #WildSwing
Jem Atkins – And the nominees are…

Deep Fried Man- Comedian (26 October).
Photo album
Deep Fried Man – #WildAbsail
Deep Fried Man – And the nominees are…

Wild 5 Adventures – How it all started

In December 1997 Wild 5 Adventures opened the highest commercial abseil in the world. In 1998 the first white water rafting adventure was launched on the Umzimkhulu River. Four years later, on 15th June 2002, the ultimate rush of all time, the Wild Swing, was opened.

“From the age of 11 I used to stand at the top of Oribi Gorge, looking down. It was my dream to jump off the edge (without hurting myself, that is)… “, Paul Jefferys, owner of Wild 5 Adventures reflects. “There’s a saying that goes along these lines: If you can dream it, do it!” We did it, and now you can too! The wild swing is every thrill seeker’s dream come true.

The phenomenal, tranquil views of Oribi Gorge belie the thrilling, spine-tingling adventures that wait…

Experience the ultimate rush! Situated at the top of Lehr’s Waterfall, this is the highest swing in the world. Leap off the edge of the waterfall to swing into the gaping depths of the gorge – 165m (55 Stories), and accelerate to 120km/hour in 2.5 seconds. Bragging rights are guaranteed!

Summerhill House

SUMMERHILL HOUSE is a non-profit organization (registered Section 21) whose sole motivation and vision is to provide homes and personal transformation for orphaned and abandoned children that have been affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

At SUMMERHILL HOUSE children’s home we want to give kids the things that they have lost – Love, an education, a bed to sleep in and food – that’s all part of the program. However we believe the most important thing in helping these children is providing the feeling of family. That’s why our model mirrors a family unit as closely as possible.

Each of our 4 prospective houses will hold 6 children and 1 housemother – who is there to make sure there is care, respect and laughter. This ‘unit’ ensures roots, no overcrowding, plenty of time with the caregiver (housemother) and love.

Our work has been predominantly on the ground – we have placed huge importance on social upliftment in Etete. We are feeding needy families and holding monthly home-group meetings where we make time for teaching and enjoying fellowship together. We visit individuals on a weekly basis, assist in acquiring grants and ID documents and work closely with the Stanger Child Welfare and Stanger Social Services Department.

Innovative Marketing

CSI and non-profit work is part of our core belief system at Innovative Marketing. We have initiated multiple national fund raising and awareness campaigns. Innovative Marketing plans to take what we have learned over the years and pass this knowledge onto our clients so that together we can make a much great difference.

For more information on our available activities, please contact us | (082) 566-7424 |

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