Another great jump

In this epic video, we enjoy another great jump video from one of our visitors

We have read many descriptions that our guest have uploaded with their videos but this is one of the best. We just want to give Anaxinamus Amon a shout out and say thanks for the upload, also well done on earning your bragging rights.


‘In Durban / South Africa, I did the craziest ever thing of my life !!!Bungee Jumping!!!! Jumped off from the top of a waterfall that’s 165m high into a gorge whose bottom is just rocks! I still cannot believe I did it as I’m still shaking inside.
Two friends wanted to do the Bungee Jumping, and I was just planning on watching them. Because I couldn’t even jump off of a 10m high cliff into the sea in the past! I don’t know how it happened but next thing, I found myself strapped to the cord and on the edge of the cliff over the waterfall. The guide counted from 3 to 1 and I exclaimed NO I CAN’T ! Then he counted again and saw that I wasn’t jumping, so he just pushed me down! And I thought I passed out! Now the question that I am asked the most: What did you feel that moment? While falling from 165m in 2.20 seconds, I didn’t have much time to feel something particular very long. My breathing stopped and it was something like ‘I felt everything and I felt nothing’ and in that “everything”, indeed the thought that it well may be the last moment of my life, along with my mum & dad came to my mind too. After the free fall, I was bouncing around and laughing hysterically but still couldn’t quite grasp the fact that I had just jumped off from that cliff. I had to stop frequently and ask myself “I’ve just jumped, haven’t I,,, I’m still alive, aren’t I??” as I was still in shock…. At the end, when they were eventually pulling me up through the waterfall, with the help of cold water, the effect of the shock started fading away letting me grasp the truth.’

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