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We would like give Adventure Escapades a shout out and say a special thank you for their awesome feature on Wild 5 Adventures!

Take a walk down the Wild Side.

Wild 5 offers a range of activities, operating from the beautiful unspoiled environment of the Oribi Gorge. Activities available cater for both young and old, for those seeking the thrill of adventure, or for others quite happy to relax and be drawn in to the peace and tranquility of their surrounds.

For the energetic or those just wishing to burn off breakfast, a number of hikes are available ranging from an hour to a day hike.

The Wild Gorge Swing

The Wild Gorge swing is an awesome experience that leaves you breathless but exhilarated. Situated at the top of Lehrs falls, it is the highest swing in the world. One steps or jumps off the waterfall to swing into the depths of the gorge in a 100m (33 Storeys) arc.


A full body harness is used to allow for a comfortable ride. Fully qualified personnel are on hand to prepare one for this experience. Amazing!!


A light and advanced mountain bike trail have also been laid out for those guests who would like to bring their bikes.
Abseiling is available on a booking basis.

For those who wish to see the gorge from a different angle, flights through the gorge and/or over a game farm can be arranged.”

For more information on our available activities, please contact us | (082) 566-7424 |

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