Action Packed Paint Ball

Did you know that Wild 5 Adventures offers action packed paint ball games ranging from capture the flag to hostage rescue.  As well as custom-made games to suit you and your friends!

What to expect?

On arrival at Oribi Gorge Hotel you will be met by your facilitator and referee. If you have requested refreshments you will have a chance to mingle over coffee and a snack. After a safety briefing you will be given your equipment and guided to the paintball arenas for orientation. You will receive thorough instruction on how to use the equipment. As an Ice Breaker you will be given the opportunity to try out the equipment during some fun target shooting. Then it’s game-on!

Does it hurt?

If you are concerned about choosing paintball as an activity, don’t be. It’s not pleasant being hit, but the impact will hurt less than the reality that you have been hit and are now “out” of the game until the next round. The anticipation and fear only adds to the excitement of the game. Protective coveralls and head gear is provided, but you can wear as much padding as you like underneath…

A variety of packages are available, so e-mail us for more information.

Bachelor Parties can also be arranged on request.

For more information on our available activities, please contact us | (082) 566-7424 |

Please note: We are closed the first Monday of every month

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