It’s time to take your team to the next level

Teambuilding is a great way for colleagues to bond, but for it to be effective in improving your team’s performance, a considered approach is essential. How can you go about achieving a good Return on your Investment? Will your Company’s objectives be met?

Wild 5 Adventures’ Dynamic Team Developers will custom shape a program that not only sounds great on paper but delivers the required results.

Now mobile, Wild 5 can present your team build at a South Coast venue of your choice. If you would like to take your event to the extreme, opt for an on-site (Oribi Gorge) programme that can include: the world’s highest gorge swing, white quad biking, abseiling, zip-line, paintball and more!

With over a decade of experience in presenting Adventure Teambuilding programmes, you can’t go wrong. Why wait any longer? Give Wild 5 a high five today to offer your team a competitive edge!

  • Silly Olympics
  • Mild 2Wild5
  • The Ultimate Challenge

WHAT IT IS: Not your average corporate retreat.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because nothing brings a team together like navigating through the paintball field, solving problems that don’t involve printers or emails, and sharing a genuine sense of achievement. It’s about stepping out of the office and into an adventure where teamwork isn’t just a buzzword – it’s your ticket to conquering the day.

HOW IT WORKS: We tailor activities to your team’s size, preferences, and how far you’re willing to push the comfort zone envelope. Ready to strategise in paintball overalls or collaborate in the wilderness? We’ll curate an experience for you!


With the option to tailor-make your own package from the 3 options to suit your individual needs!

Contact our facilitators today to prepare a programme that will suit your budget and team requirements.