Go Ballistix Paintball

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Leisure and Corporate packages are available. Choose one of the following options:

Corporate Teambuilding

You can’t fire your boss, but now you can fire at him… Paintball, as a group activity, has all the ingredients for building a formidable team. The game has evolved from a combat sport to an exciting, quick-paced team-sport, lending itself to achieving the following objectives:

  •  Programme length: 1 to 2 hours
  •  Fitness level/skill: Low impact – suitable for all fitness levels and ages. No skill required.
  •  Specific outcomes: Promotes teamwork and team spirit, focus, goal orientation and planning.

Corporate packages include:

  • Paintball markers
  • Environmentally-friendly, fully washable paintballs
  • Full protective head gear
  • Coveralls (sizes S to XXL)
  • Private use of 3 individually-themed, *Hybrid Paintball arenas
  • Facilitation/referee

Optional “Add-ons”

  • Extra paintballs
  • Photography or Video service
  • Branded Go Ballistix T-shirts, customised with your company logo
  • Awards and medals
  • Catering
  • Paintball Ice breakers (facilitated games & target shooting)

Paintball Games

These range from the well-known games such as Capture the Flag and Hostage Rescue to custom-made games, designed to deliver the greatest return on your specific teambuilding objectives.

Capture the Flag

  • Each team has flag in their base camp (on either side of the arena). Both teams have to advance into each other’s territory, attempting to capture the opposing team’s flag. Once this has been done the team must safely retreat back to their base camp. Teams must remember to protect their own base camps at the same time, so tactical strategy is required!

Hostage Rescue

  • The bad guys have captured innocent people and taken them hostage. After strategizing their manoeuvre the good guys are sent in to retrieve the hostages without casualties.

What to expect?

On arrival at Oribi Gorge Hotel you will be met by your facilitator and referee. If you have requested refreshments you will have a chance to mingle over coffee and a snack. After a safety briefing you will be given your equipment and guided to the paintball arenas for orientation. You will receive thorough instruction on how to use the equipment. As an Ice Breaker you will be given the opportunity to try out the equipment during some fun target shooting. Then it’s game-on!

Does it hurt?

If you are concerned about choosing paintball as a teambuilding activity, don’t be. It’s not pleasant being hit, but the impact will hurt less than the reality that you have been hit and are now “out” of the game until the next round. The anticipation and fear only adds to the excitement of the game. Protective coveralls and head gear is provided, but you can wear as much padding as you like underneath…

Paintball Birthday Party (ages 10 – 17)

  • This is a great way for kids to indulge in fantasy play (and a lot healthier than sitting in front of the TV with a console in their hands).
  • Paintball parties are great fun for girls and boys, but you need to be 10yrs or older to participate.
  • Parents/guardians of children under 18yrs will be required to sign the indemnity form.
  • Groups need to be between 8 and 20 people. The facilitator/referee will coordinate the game.

Our Birthday packages include:

  • Paintball markers
  • Environmentally-friendly, fully washable paintballs
  • Full protective head gear
  • Coveralls (sizes S to XXL)
  • Use of 1 of 3 individually-themed, *Hybrid Paintball arenas
  • Facilitation/referee
  • Complimentary ticket for the birthday boy/girl

A variety of packages are available, so e-mail us for more information.

Bachelor Parties can be arranged on request.