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Expresso breakfast show earns Bragging Rights

Watch how Lisa Raleigh from the Expresso breakfast show earns her bragging rights! She abseils down the 170 meter high Oribi Gorge at the world renowned Wild 5 Adventures!

We would like to thank the incredible team at the Expresso breakfast show for this fantastic video. We would also like … Read More

The Mac Mac Falls

Waterfall hunting in South Africa is a perfect way to plan an off the beaten track holiday – The Mac Mac Falls #Wild5Gorge

In this 4 week series we are going to take a look at some of the most breath taking waterfalls in the Sabie and Graskop areas on … Read More

Humble beginning at Oribi Gorge

Who would have thought that the humble beginning at Oribi Gorge started with a little stream, millions of yours ago #Wild5Gorge

You can still see the stream running off of the cliff edge that created the gorge. What’s even better is that is you can get close and personal to … Read More