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The most Insane cliff swing

Besides the #WildSwing at Wild 5 Adventures this is the most insane cliff swing I have ever seen! #Wild5Adventures

All around the world there are amazing adrenalin activities. I have just come across this one from Glenwood Caverns in Colorado. This is not your conventional gorge swing like the … Read More

You are never too young

We have all read the saying ‘you are never too old to learn something’… Well you are never too young either! #Wild5Family

There is something for everyone at Wild 5 Adventures. Bring the whole family for a day out. Ask grandpa to start the braai while you go for … Read More

Adrenaline for breakfast and lunch

Watch this CRAZY teenager facing the #WildSwing. I am sure he eats adrenaline for breakfast and lunch #Wild5Adventures

This is proof that you are never too young to earn your bragging rights at Wild 5 Adventures. After a fun day of picnicking under the sun, this brave teen took … Read More